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Efforts in contribution to addressing HIV/AIDS in Malaysia:

Persatuan Kesenian Belia Heart Towards The Sun, KL dan Selangor

Efforts in contribution to addressing HIV/AIDS in Malaysia:


1) Raise social concern about AIDS by stage drama performance:

            Drama “ Journey of Love”, adapted from true story of Michaeal Chow, the winner of 2002 Dr Siti Hasmah Award, was performed in several places throughout Malaysia including KL, Kuala Terengganu and Pahang in which summed up to 15 shows until August 2007.

            The same drama was also performed at Beijing, China under the University Drama Festival when we invited by the organizer, and an extra show was taking place in the You-An hospital in front of the hospital patients ( mostly consists of HIV carriers ). An interactive session was being held among the doctors, professor and nurses with us during the visit to You-An hospital too.

            The details about the showing of drama “Journey of Love”:

a)      5 shows at Bangsar Actors Studio, KL on 24th,25th,26th March 2006, 1000 audience.

b)     1 show at Kuala Terengganu on 30th March 2006, 300 audience

c)     1 shows at Tanarimba in Pahang on 28th July 2006, 150 audience

d)     1 shows at University Malaya, PJ on 2nd August 2006, 500 audience

e)     1 show at Cheras Batu 11, Selangor on 7th October 2006, 1200 audience

f)      3 shows at SRJK(C)Tsun Jin, KL on 5th November 2006, 900 audience

g)     3 shows at Beijing, China on 21st, 26th August 2007, 800 audience


 Drama “ Journey of Love”, adapted from true story of Michaeal Chow


2) Support of people living with HIV

            We donated about RM1,000 to Kuala Lumpur AIDS Support Services Society ( KLASS ) in the year 2006. This amount was collected in the ticket selling of 5 shows of  “Journey of Love” in KL at  Bangsar Actors Studio and 2 shows at Tanarimba on the year 2006 after deducting the cost of the production of drama.



3) Survey on public awareness about AIDS/HIV issue by delivering questionnaire:

            We carried out the questionnaire fill-up activities in several commercial complex in Klang Valley including Leisure Mall, Cheras Ue3 plaza, Selayang Mall and Sungei Wang plaza.

            The result of the questionnaire was analyzed and published in the Chinese local paper Sin Chew Daily on 12th December 2006 and also in the magazine “Go!Theater” issue no.6  which is published by the theater.                        .


Theater’s member are giving explanation to the young people at Cheras Ue3 Plaza in one of our AIDS awareness and prevention campaign, 2006.



4) Prevention of AIDS/HIV by education and blood donation campaign: 

We were invited by Ping Hwa High School in Klang on 3rd July 2006

 to give a short seminar on AIDS and present a small piece of drama of  “ Journey of Love  ”. We brought out the message to avoid being the HIV carriers and do not discriminate the HIV carriers or AIDS patients.

            With the help of Pusat Darah Negara, we accomplished a blood donation campaign held at Cheras Ue3 Plaza on 1st to 3rd March 2006 to encourage public doing blood test and HIV check up. We also carried out the activities like distributing of condoms and AIDS prevention and information slips in shopping complex and our drama performing venues to create public awareness on AIDS issue.




《爱之路》舞台剧Journey Of Love, 6-7 June 2009, 8:30pm, KLpac

心向太阳剧坊成立9周年,响应2009年世界爱滋病烛光日再度呈献真人真事改编舞台剧《爱之路》(Journey Of Love)。


《爱之路》于2006年首度在吉隆坡孟沙艺人馆(The Actors Studio@ Bangsar Shopping Centre )演出,接着在登嘉楼、彭亨州和吉隆坡巡演;2007年更受邀远赴中国北京“九个剧场”公演2场,北京佑安医院公演1场,深获好评。














Date45 June 2009






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“Journey Of Love ”Story Synopsis

Based on a true story of a young man who is HIV +.  Previously a drug addict, just when he decided to turn a new leaf, he was tested HIV +.   The story evolves around the difficult time as he can’t accept the truth till he began to feel the love from his family and friends.   Finally he decided to set up a place for people living with HIV/AIDS and helped them live an optimistic life.



Instead of discriminating against the AIDS patient, society should let them live positively under care and education. Everyone has his own life, it doesn’t matter if he is living with AIDS or he lives a happy life, we should nourish every life with love.